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Beachfront celebrations

Deck Poseidón

Capacity: 120 People

Unsurpassed location that offers a beautiful panoramic view of the sea, built on the shore of the beach, combining wood and metal design that offers cozy and modern style. It offers elegant space and relaxation next to the natural spectacle of the beach.

Ideal for social events, special celebrations and business meetings; scenario that will turn the moment into a fantastic memory.

Oceanfront privacy

Deck Nerea

Capacity: 30 People

Deck Nerea provides privacy and exclusivity because it is in the immediate vicinity of the cliff, located at the beach level with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, it becomes a special space for celebrations, dinners and relaxation.

Favorite space to share exclusively and enjoy privacy when enjoying our restaurant, spa or intimate celebration services.

Ceremonies on the beach

Playa Sunio

Capacity: 4,000 People

The oceanfront celebrations give charm to the promises of love, our beach offers splendid scenery between sand, waves of the sea and rocks, the ideal setting to enjoy the wonderful sunsets that Baja offers us.

Ideal space to make the wedding of your dreams, massive events and academic events at the seaside.

Link para reservar: https://wa.link/UkYI